Company Overview


‘My Dreams to Reality’ is a Global Entertainment Production and Management Company that has produced a small catalogue of high-quality, low budget Films and award-winning Documentaries.  Inspired by the desire to facilitate creative and technical opportunities for ‘wannabes’ within the entertainment world, it focuses on the creation of controversial, balanced Documentaries, addressing current, real-world issues, Films with genres of high popularity and Production Services that complement the creation of these two types of entertainment.

Our Vision:
While producing high-quality Films and Documentaries, ‘My Dreams to Reality’ aspires to create genuine investment opportunities, while also contributing to the arts community by enabling invaluable work experience within the filming industry for aspiring artists and technicians within the industry internationally.

Our Mission:
Working to make ‘Dreams become a Reality’!

Our Values:
Integrity at all times…
Transparency with everything we do…
Passionately creative…
Within an ambient environment…
Equal opportunities for all…

Working to make Dreams become a Reality!

A Great Investment Opportunity!
‘My Dreams to Reality’ presents a superb investment opportunity and the potential of a fantastic return on your money when the project is successful.  As an independent company, we work on low budget projects using high-end equipment shooting in 4K for Cinema. By comparison to others in the industry, the expertise of the Video Production Team combined with the use of such great equipment produces high-quality programmes, that deliver potentially a high yield net return for a relatively low investment.

‘My Dreams to Reality’ has a highly expert, multi-functional team (including partners), who are skilled in many areas but in particular: Artist Management, TV and Film Projects, International Distribution, Website Management, Marketing, and Sales…

We have a funnel of projects in the pipeline so if you are interested in potentially investing in any of our Projects, please CONTACT our Financial Director, Keith Morten at 

Aspiring Artists:
We are always on the look-out for aspiring, talented artists and technicians with potential, who would appreciate work-experience alongside professionals in the creation of high-quality projects within the creative industry.   So, if you are an aspiring Artist or Technician, and would be excited by this opportunity, please reach out and CONTACT US – we would love to hear from you…!