Company Overview


MY DREAMS TO REALITY LIMITED (MDTR) is set up to be a Global Entertainment Production and Management Business with its primary aim of building an asset base comprised of; TV, Film, Music, Live Events General Entertainment and Fashion.

Our foundations will be built on these Assets, with the focus on delivering and increasing the value of these Assets over a Three Year Business Model.

In order for us to deliver the proposed results, there are dedicated and experienced teams in place and they will cover the various Project Categories. These teams have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, and have much experience, from Artist Management, Major Record Labels, TV and Film Projects, and International Promoters. MDTR are, therefore, in a position to use this expertise to build a new brand in the Media and Entertainment Business, both in the UK and in major global markets.

Film and TV Companies, Advertising Agencies and Brands look to Artists and Music to create a different platform for Promotional Activities. This, in turn, helps to generate a wider awareness for their product as well as using Music to create Atmosphere for Film and TV projects.

The Synchronisation of Music and Joint Sponsorship / Product Endorsement Opportunities that now arise from Music and / or the Artist is the mainstay of the new Business Model. More than ever, Brands are looking to Music and / or Acts to endorse their products and widen their reach in the marketplace.

MDTR Global Business Concept will be an Asset Based Entertainment Vehicle for the Modern Digital Age

MDTR will:
Identify, Manage, Produce and Deliver to the Market emerging Talent through all areas of Entertainment that matches the criteria demanded from Film and TV Companies, Brands and the General Market;

MDTR will:
Identify and Acquire Existing Global Catalogues and Publishing Rights to be able to capitalise on this demand;

MDTR will:
Monetise these Assets over a Three Year Period and deliver a year-on-year profit. This will enable the company to be in a strong position to sell, engage in joint ventures or go to market with MDTR as an asset based brand.

MDTR has the ability to look at a unique and outwardly challenging situation in the new entertainment business landscape and see value for the future.

The firm seeks to perform rigorous analysis of both the industry and the individual (or company/act) before making an investment; in particular, investing in businesses, individuals and talent (of all types) in transition.

There will be an Option for:

Project Owners and Artists to put a percentage of their net profit gained on their project/s towards a bona fide charity, association or foundation, of their choice if they so wish. The Investors, both individuals and Companies, will also have the same Option on their Return on Investment.

The Production Company MY DREAMS TO REALITY LIMITED, will also put a certain percentage from their net profit gained on each Project towards the charity that matches the Project Owners choice or towards the Funding Department of MDTR, (MDTR FUNDATION) to enable for example: apprenticeships and cross training to be given across the board and helping set up companies for artistic, or otherwise, entrepreneurs who would like to make their ‘Dream become Reality’ with MY DREAMS TO REALITY.