Climate of Freedom

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Short Description:
This documentary will look into the counter arguments about global warming / climate change. Fronted by Lord Christopher Monckton.


It’s time to leave politics behind and take a balanced view of the greatest challenge facing humanity – climate change.

After years of worrying about climate change and being a firm believer in man’s contribution to higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, I was surprised to read an open letter from “The Global Warming Policy Foundation” directed to the BBC in reference to their “Climate Change the Facts” documentary. This made me think about an article I read in 2015 in the Telegraph, written by Christopher Booker about climate scientists fiddling with temperature data and called it the biggest scientific scandal ever!

Discussing climate change with friends and trying to play “devil’s advocate” always seemed to end up in a blazing row and the words “The Science is settled”! As far as I can tell, no science is settled. Climate change is just a Hypothesis and has yet to rise to the status of “Theory”. How can this be closed science?

Then, on several occasions, I have used the figure of 98% of all scientists agree that man is responsible for climate change and have been met with “That Statement is demonstrably false!”

The majority of documentaries on this subject tell you it’s a done deal. Man has destroyed our home and it’s settled science. We have only 12 years to reverse hundreds of years of damage or we’re doomed. The last anti-climate change documentary was “The Global warming War” over 5 years ago. Is this because it’s dangerous to ask the question, to have a debate, or are the fabled 98% correct?

But is it settled? Is man responsible? Are we just scaring children with a horror story? Is this politics or ecology? Or has it become a religion or even worse, a cult.

From the UK to the US we will ask the experts, not only from both sides of the Atlantic, on both sides of the divide. What is causing the warming, is there any warming at all? Are polar bears dying or are they thriving? Is it possible that the models are wrong and the sun is causing our unstable climate?

It’s time to leave politics behind and take a balanced view of the greatest challenge facing humanity.